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The increased connectivity of our world has opened up a lot of opportunities for business owners. Their domestic borders no longer restrict even the smallest companies. They can expand into new markets that were never a possibility in the past.

The only barrier that remains is the language barrier. That’s why you need top-notch content localization services—services built on strategies that go beyond simply translating your content, to translating your branded experience in a way that aligns all your business units to one common goal, no matter how big you grow.

Options for Content Localization

You’ll have a lot of options when you’re thinking about content localization, whether you choose to keep the project in-house, outsource it, or do a little of both.

Translation services, generally, fall into one of three categories:

Pros Cons
Entirely Internal Localization Strategy
This could include having a single employee who is a native speaker complete the translation or setting up entire dedicated teams for that specific region.
  • Complete control over the entire process
  • Comprehensive understanding of the product and brand lexicon
  • Time-consuming
  • A lot of work and logistics to manage
  • Lack of resources, especially with regards to native speaker access
  • Scalability challenges
Entirely Outsourced Localization Strategy
This runs the gamut from hiring native speaker freelancers to single language vendors to adaptable companies that handle many different languages.
  • Time-saving
  • Access to translation experts
  • Scalability
  • Time-consuming
  • A lot of work and logistics to manage
  • Lack of resources, especially with regards to native speaker access
  • Scalability challenges
A Combination Localization Strategy
By using both external and internal teams, companies can enjoy the range of benefits while mitigating risks.
  • High-quality results
  • Control over process and problem-solving
  • Improved efficiency
  • Communication challenges
  • Potential segmentation
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Choosing a Content Localization Management System

A content localization management system is going to be a vital part of your localization strategy, whether you decide to outsource, keep your project internal, or do a bit of both. This will be your automatic workflow manager. It can enable efficient communications and end-to-end integration with your CMS. With the right system, you can get an at-a-glance look at any localization project and reduce common risks of segmented workflows and redundant content.

This system can also connect translation memories and other critical linguistic assets. It will save you time and money, especially as you scale into new and farther-reaching markets.

Best Practices in Planning for Content Localization

When you’re planning to localize your content, it can be challenging to understand where to start. But, from experience, we can identify five best practices that every localization manager should follow to ensure the best results:

Define terminology
Establish quality
With centralized linguistic assets—like translation memories and glossaries—you can ensure that all content follows the same standards and lexicon.
Platforms you use should work with your own internal content management systems and programs for hands-off end-to-end integration.
The terms that are important to your brand and market need to be a specific part of your corporate dictionary to ensure it becomes a central part of your program.
Without quality control, your translators won’t know the standards. This results in varying quality from piece to piece and creates an inconsistent voice.
With a reliable partner, you can simplify your localization efforts by taking advantage of their technologies and resources, which will improve your results overall.
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Finding the Best Content Localization Companies for You

There are a lot of vendors out there offering content localization services, but not all are equal. Before starting a project with anyone, it’s important to ask a few questions about their services and processes.

Offered by Bureau Works
Yes No
Entirely Internal Localization Strategy
Companies that offer this can connect with your Content Management System (CMS) and make the process for translating and uploading content seamless.
Can they support multimedia content translation?
Not all content is text, but some translation companies offer only limited translation services for text content. That means you’ll likely have to seek out multiple vendors for translating all your content—unless you find one with comprehensive capacities and tech.
Do they provide centralized translation memory support?
Translation memories store data garnered between the actual content and the translated content. With it, you can eliminate a lot of work when you're rendering the same or similar content multiple times.
Do they offer tools to support in-market review?
In-market reviews of content can be time-consuming, but it's necessary to guarantee quality. You’ll want to work with a company that can extend their platform to include in-market stakeholders so the process can be more efficient and connected for all.
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Taking Control of Multilingual Content Translation

Chances are, you’re planning launches in multiple markets. That’s a lot of moving parts that can create issues without a robust and organized approach. Multilingual content translation requires an expert partner that can guide you and ensure a seamless, well-thought-out market entrance. With the right partner, you can enjoy the benefits of automation and scalability, while also preparing your organization for new languages and market launches in the future.

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