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Financial Translation Services

Targeting a global audience is a natural evolution in growth for most businesses. And with the overall global economy being valued at $88 trillion, it’s no secret as to why. In order to successfully expand to international markets, you’ll need the best professional translation services available. Vetting professional language translation agencies involves more than identifying who offers the best per-word rate; it also centers on deciding which company can provide the strongest long-term ROI (return on investment).

Bureau Works provides a transparent pricing program, as well as a vast collection of tools and features that work to improve your localization outcome. We work with business leaders across industries to support marketing, employee education, corporate communication, and more. When you work with Bureau Works, you’ll receive the translation you need to successfully enter new markets while remaining true to your brand.

Many medical innovations—especially when it comes to medication and research—cross borders in today’s world. We fully support these providers whether they're creating marketing material or filing regulatory forms.
Banks, loan providers, insurance companies, and other financial institutions are no longer limited to their domestic locations. International business requires the ability to translate vital financial documents into the right target language for clients and partners.
The legal industry involves complex language full of nuances and necessary details. When translating a legal document, you don't just need a linguist; you need a professional who fully understands the purpose of your contract and terms.
Software localization requires the preservation of a program’s technical aspects while also recreating it for a new market. We take a structured continuous localization approach that allows us to automatically establish jobs that will.
Educators need the right tools to get their messages across, and many prefer a multimedia approach. We can translate lesson plans, videos, audio files, and other course materials to support learning in any language.
Employee onboarding, marketing, corporate communications, and other documents need to accurately reflect your brand and culture. Our linguists study your corporate culture to ensure all content is aligned to your brand’s vision.

Bureau Works offers the professional translation services companies need to penetrate international markets. With our help, you can expand your brand recognition and client base around the world.

Industry-Leading Professional Language Translation Services

We have a wide range of tools and options to support our business clients. Some of our top features that improve ROI and save valuable time include:

Certified Translation

Sometimes translation requires a higher level of authentication. We work with a wide range of linguists who can provide these meticulous services and meet stringent standards.

Translation Memories

Every piece of content submitted can help make future pieces better. Teamed with our powerful machine translation, our translation memories can help capture your brand’s voice and provide high-quality content on a deadline.

Streamlined Workflows

The average manager could spend hundreds of hours per year following up on work and managing projects. We streamline these processes by offering a transparent, real-time workflow that you can log into from anywhere.


Our encrypted, end-to-end platform ensures your documents stay secure. It eliminates the risk of emailing back and forth, which could expose vital information. All communication and assets remain in a single, controlled space.

Automated Assignments

It can take quite a bit of time to vet and hire the right linguists. We significantly reduce the time spent by leveraging a powerful, artificial intelligence-enabled program that matches you with the best linguists for your unique content.

Continuous Localization

Companies can simplify localization by setting up an automated workflow where new projects are created and started once a change is triggered in their main content. This process ensures information is always up-to-date.


Our platform supports a wide range of integrations for everything from your content management system to your billing software.


We allow you to pull granular-level reports so you can see how your audience is responding to your content and how much your translation is costing. Through this, you can refine and optimize your target markets to increase your reach.

We support professional language translation services with these tools and a range of programs that can easily fit almost any size budget.

Bureau Works Business Translation Pricing

To fit our client base’s diverse needs, we’ve established three tiers of service that include everything from single translations to total localization solutions.

Tier I
Tier II
Tier III

This basic level of service allows you to complete one-time jobs while setting a foundation for future work. We establish a client profile and translation memory even for the smallest jobs so you hit the ground running on subsequent projects.

This subscription-driven program is an in-depth solution designed to support your brand. We leverage translation memories, corporate lexicons, and strategic workflows to complete bulk projects on-time and on-budget.

This total enterprise solution allows you to harness our tech and expertise to support your entire program. We help you establish a continuous localization program with extreme tailoring to enter new markets rapidly.

Bureau Works offers professional translation services for businesses to help them successfully enter new markets, share their corporate culture, and build enduring partnerships. When you choose to work with us, we ensure you’re choosing the best possible way to maximize your localization ROI.

If you want the best professional translation services for a wide range of industries and businesses, look no further than Bureau Works. We have the infrastructure and expertise to support all your needs. Contact our team to learn more.

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