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We were tired of Project Managers always placing jobs to their preferred linguists without any clear reasoning behind it besides, I trust them. That is why we created our Auto-Pilot, an automated AI-driven job-placement algorithm. Our goal is to create real meritocracy amongst translators. Every single segment you translate will be reviewed and generate dozens of automated quality data points. It’s your performance that determines your eligibility for jobs. Perform well and find a consistent flow of volume every day available on your dashboard. Perform poorly and you will see your job offers drop to zero. It’s not perfect but it creates opportunity based on merit.

Here’s how it works
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Apply to become a member of our elite linguist community. This involves an un-paid small standardized linguistic assessment, agreeing to our compliance, and other potential tests to ensure your expertise.

Survive the Talent Selection Process

Our selection process is demand-based. Some applications are evaluated in a matter of minutes, others may take years to get processed. It is entirely based on what kind of demand we are experiencing in your language pair. Please do not contact us to check on your test status. If you have not heard back from us it’s in the queue waiting to be processed.

Take Jobs in Bureau Works!

Once you are accepted into the community you will be able to complete your registration in Bureau Works and find jobs compatible with your expertise in your main dashboard. Please note that the early stages are the hardest. As you do not have a track record to start with, it may take some time to see your first jobs available. Jobs are also placed on a first come first serve basis so make sure to check your Home Dashboard multiple times a day. We do not send out email alerts with job opportunities because we believe in de-cluttering inboxes. Be present in BWX. As much as you can. It’s the only way to grow.

Generate Impeccable Quality

Bureau Works rates every single segment you produce. Whether through a human review or dozens of automated quality data points we are evaluating everything. Your early stages are critical because if you deliver translations that generate negative repercussions you will become ineligible to receive future jobs. Once you have an established track record with us, our assessments are more diluted against your broad track-record and you will experience more leniency. But the beginning is tough!

Increase your opportunities

Our auto-pilot AI takes into account many variables when placing translation jobs. The two most important ones are 100% under your control. Quality and cost. If you are not seeing as many jobs as you would like available, play around with your rate. As a general policy, we do not negotiate rates with linguists. But it is a marketplace and the more competitive you are, the better your chances in getting more job opportunities.

Need help using the platform?

What I like about Bureau Works is that I can do almost everything in one place. The navigation is very user-friendly so I was able to use it without any training since the very first time I logged in. Plus it made my life easier in terms of organization. Before I had to organize an agenda in which I controlled my jobs and had to set up reminders for all of them. Now I just check Bureau Works’ homepage and start working

Mariana F
English to Portuguese

Bureau Works is a breath of fresh air for any translator, proofreader and project manager out there. For me, the best part is the fact that the platform centralizes all of my tasks and the data I need in a single dashboard, allowing me to check specific job details, access the CAT tool directly, and give out QA feedback to translators, interacting with each of them directly through the platform on a daily basis. Another huge plus is the built-in quality assurance system, which uses feedback scores in the automated job assignment process to make sure the right job is always assigned to the right linguist, at the right time.

Vini S
Portuguese to English

Bureau Works is truly an innovative platform, because it allows me to manage my projects (and my time) in an optimal way. The platform manages the entire translation workflow, from assignment to invoicing, in a simple and effective manner. It is akin to having a personal assistant that takes care quickly and painlessly of all aspects related to a translation project, minus the translation itself!

Carlo V
English to Italian
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