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Manage all of your multimedia content effortlessly.
Learning content used to be restricted to print documents and powerpoint slides. Today, BWX helps learning managers localize digital and video-based learning content seamlessly with built-in review tools for graphics, PDFs, text, and video all in one comprehensive platform.
Partner with in-house talent for voiceovers and subtitles.
Voiceovers are expensive, and it’s hard for companies to maintain long-term commitments with talent. We take care of that problem with an extensive in-house team of voice actors and translators who are ready to tackle your next video project.
Regulate terminology to target specific learning styles.
Through tight terminology management, Bureau Works produces translations that are apt for different levels of literacy, comprehension, and education. Our solid style guide system helps you meet learners on their level.
QA your videos with built-in review tools.
BWX gives you an accessible way to involve in-country reviewers in the learning development process. Our built-in video QA tools allow on-the-ground learners to easily provide feedback and approve your content.
BWX offers exactly what learning managers want: an accessible platform that makes multimedia localization look easy.
The French Bistro Solution
A major automotive company struggled to push localized content to market due to months of style-related disagreements. Sound familiar?

The Problem

The voiceover recording process stalled because the scripts weren’t written with existing local operations in mind. In one example, French employees referred to the pastry case as le food (a French-ified English term) and not la vitrine à pâtisserie, as headquarters had assumed.

“That’s not how we learn in France.”

More importantly, managers in the French market expressed concern with the overall feel of the learning experience. The bite-sized style that’s typical of American learning materials felt patronizing and babyish to local leadership.

The Problem

With help from Bureau Works, the company established a stronger feedback loop with the French market so they would be aware of on-the-ground operations when developing new learning experiences.

BWX also stepped in to facilitate the voiceover process and offer expert advice on which resources to localize vs which to create organically in French.

Bureau Works helped the company adapt for different learning styles and integrate closer with local markets for more effective elearning localization
When compared to UX in software or marketing, the learner experience comes with its own unique challenges. BWX helps you meet these challenges head-on.
Finding solutions for challenging LMS integrations.
Unfortunately, learning management systems (LMS) are often lacking when it comes to multilingual content. They may claim to support multiple languages, but even newer-generation systems struggle with exporting and importing multilingual content—especially when incorporating multiple types of media. At Bureau Works, we advocate for choosing LMS tools wisely and investing in systems that will be apt for localization workflows. We partner with learning managers to identify the best LMS tools for their needs and to facilitate API and custom CLI-based integrations that help mitigate the challenges of elearning localization. While we all wait for LMS technology to advance and get on board with the multilingual content revolution, BWX makes learning localization much easier.
Sparking new ideas around elearning localization.
Read up on the shifting paradigms in the elearning localization industry. Learning managers will find the following pieces of thought leadership particularly interesting:

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