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Liberate your schedule with continuous localization.
Stop wasting time on manual file transfers. Bureau Works monitors changes in your code repository, runs projects automatically, and moves the translated files back home—whether your cadence is once per hour or once per month.
Manage terminology assets with a new level of integrity.
We understand that with software localization, terminology must be tight because each word has a high value and a heavy impact on UX. Bureau Works’ built-in TMs and term bases provide the level of integrity that’s absolutely crucial for product success.
Protect placeholders and key IDs during translation.
We designed the BWX platform to automatically preserve placeholders during translation and to accommodate precise mapping of strings from TMs to your key IDs. With Bureau Works, it’s impossible for a translator to accidentally break your software.
Master QA testing in tandem with a capable partner.
Bureau Works does QA testing for you, running test scripts to make sure everything works in context. We also work with your internal bug tracking system to fix linguistic bugs on our end and identify functional errors so you can alert your engineering team.
Bureau Works lets you pursue localization with total visibility, incredible efficiency, and 100% peace of mind.
The Healthcare App Solution
A leading healthcare technology firm built their own localization tool but needed help streamlining their process to get content across the finish line faster.

Developers at this company crafted a tool to identify and pull new strings from their content repositories. However, they still had to email the resulting files to their vendors to complete the rest of the localization work. The company sought a solution to streamline the localization process even further.

Bureau Works armed the Product Manager with key solutions for process improvement, technology development, and strategic planning.

  • Integrating their custom tool with the Bureau Works custom CLI enabled automated file movement and streamlined localization efforts.
  • Implementing the BWX localization platform allowed them to run live builds on the fly in Arabic and other target languages.
  • Strategizing cost-saving solutions opened wide the doors for new international markets, including Hong Kong.
Bureau Works helped this innovative team integrate their proprietary tools with proven third-party tech in order to meet their business needs and strategize for future growth.
BWX offers exactly what product managers want:
a platform that can keep up with agile development timelines.
Choose to integrate with custom API and CLI functionality.
Many LSPs promise API integrations with hundreds of content systmes. But how many of those integrations actually function seamlessly from the beginning of your partnership? And how many companies offer an alternative? At Bureau Works, we give developers the freedom to establish their own cadences and design their own integrations using our custom CLI. It’s a game-changer for product managers who prefer to take charge of their localization process. We’re one of the only professional translation companies to offer API and custom CLI-based integrations to GitHub, Zendesk, and other CMS with centralized translation memory tools that support a single source of truth among them all.
Wake up to a whole new world of product management.
Join us in shifting paradigms across the localization industry. Product managers will find the following pieces of thought leadership particularly interesting:

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