News From the Robots (CTO Updates #4)

Drunk Octopus Picking Up a Fight - pic by moi

This is a work of art. I once saw a picture like this and I never forget this caption. It’s a hanger, but it’s clearly a drunk octopus, picking up a fight. Thank me later, once you see it, you can never unsee it!

Glossary for this edition:

  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets (makes text and stuff beautiful on the web)
  • JS - JavaScript (makes things move and happen on the web)
  • Build Pipeline - you enter code and it spits binary complicated obfuscated minimized code
  • nginx - reads as “Engine X”, it’s a super nice web server and reverse proxy tool

#1 Snappy Fast Bureau Works UI

Remember the nerdy updates from last edition? I will share one of them, a cool one for that matter. We’ve killed the nginx web servers that servantly served our content to you. In Bureau Works, everything is API-based so the front-end is very thin, yet rich client. So now we deploy the Web Client in a distributed network provided by the AWS CloudFront service, so your experience loading all the CSS and JS goodness is WAY, WAY faster. Oh, and deploys are automatic too, since we integrated our build pipeline to the distribution (map image provided by AWS).

![CloudFront Network Map 05.07.2019.57dc431bde0035843bbb2d86339e5aa8b551e14f](/blog/hs-fs/hubfs/CloudFront%20Network%20Map%2005.07.2019.57dc431bde0035843bbb2d86339e5aa8b551e14f.png?width=1060&name=CloudFront%20Network%20Map%2005.07.2019.57dc431bde0035843bbb2d86339e5aa8b551e14f.png =1060x)


#2 New Office in Recife, Brazil

We have finally opened our location in Recife, Brazil! We are concentrating a lot of our software development in the so-called Venice of Brazil (which is also my birthplace and hometown before Miami) where our network is strong within the development community. Recife has been a hotbed for technology and software, with large companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, IBM, Accenture, and many others being part of it. The Federal University, along with the Porto Digital association and CESAR, an NGO attached to the university that became a huge innovator and software factory, have been instrumental for the success of Recife. Long live Bureau Recife!

![PANO_20180723_134332-EFFECTS](/blog/hs-fs/hubfs/PANO_20180723_134332-EFFECTS.jpg?width=4304&name=PANO_20180723_134332-EFFECTS.jpg =4304x)

Topics: Insider, Technology

![Henrique Cabral](/blog/hs-fs/hubfs/Henrique.jpg?width=100&height=100&name=Henrique.jpg =100x100)

Written by Henrique Cabral

Henrique is a partner at Bureau Works as well as the CTO. He also speaks code and loves racing cars.

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