Language Translation Services With Unmatched Quality

Bureau Works offers premium language translation services at customized rates through our all-in-one localization platform.

Quick Translations
  • Rapid completion of one-off jobs.
  • AI-enabled translator-project matching.
  • A translation memory and detailed client profile is built.
Ideal for one-time projects or clients who only need linguistic services.

Projects are priced individually starting at $0.10 per word.

Managed Programs
  • Subscription-driven service.
  • Clients set paradigms for automatic project approval.
  • Projects receive immediate attention.
  • A client legacy is built that will drive all future work, including:
    • Compiling translation memories
    • Corporate lexicons
    • Workflows
Ideal for clients expanding into new markets or need to correct prior localization problems.

Individual project pricing starting at $0.10 per word.

Monthly subscription for legacy folder maintenance.

Business Solution
  • Total approach to localization.
    • Harnesses all our tech and expertise and combines it with top linguists.
  • Services that foster continuous localization and seamless workflows.
  • Extreme tailoring to better control their messaging across markets.
Ideal for companies managing multilingual campaigns with multiple brand identities.

Projects are priced individually starting at $0.10 per word.

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Tools That Help Bureau Works Linguists and Clients

The tools a company provides its linguists with to complete projects play a critical part in how well the translations will turn out. They offer a plethora of insights and streamlining capabilities that can drastically improve translation results and help clients better target markets. Here are just a few of the tools Bureau Works employs:

Machine Translation
Machine translation (MT) uses data and artificial intelligence (AI) to change content to the target language automatically. At BWX, our linguists use this to improve their results and speed completion.
Centralized Workflow
A lot of time is wasted sending files and translation tools back and forth via email (not to mention the associated security risks). We eliminate this tedious work by establishing a single centralized platform where linguists work and clients review the status of projects securely.
Direct Translator Contact
Our clients can easily reach their assigned translator and make corrections to their content as the job is in progress. This facilitates collaboration that improves results.
In-Country Review
In-country reviews offer a higher level of translation verification by ensuring the person evaluating the content lives and works in the targeted location.
AI-Based Assignments
It can take a lot of time to find and vet the proper linguist for a job. BWX eliminates delays in linguist selection by using a unique AI algorithm combined with prior performance metrics to assign the best linguist for each task.
Our system allows our clients to view reports at a granular level to see where their content succeeds and where it needs further optimization. This helps them make better business decisions that increase their return on investment (ROI).

It’s important to remember that translation goes further than content. There are additional important aspects that can improve the customer experience, enhance overall results, and support the entire content ecosystem.

Going Beyond Language Translation
A lot goes into translating content beyond basic linguistics. While many translated documents are simple Word files, there are many that aren't. Content designed for websites, slideshows, brochures, and other media forms requires special treatment outside of language translation services. To support this, Bureau Works offers:
Glossary icon for language translation services
Translation Memories and Glossary Management
Translation memories power machine translation and help it become more accurate. Glossaries and corporate lexicons ensure brand consistency and support internal style guides. These resources are invaluable given their contribution to long-term cost savings.
File engineering gear icon for language translation services
File Engineering
Code doesn't always translate well. Failure to establish accurate variables, tags, and comments can result in apps or web pages not performing as expected. Any localization process needs to include a phase where the code is prepared and standardized before the translation. This engineering step ensures the user experience stays intact regardless of the language.
Clipboard with checkmarks icon representing testing for language translation services
This stage includes the actual testing of apps and web pages to ensure content displays as expected. This is a vital step in minimizing issues that can evolve into significant problems that spread throughout the system. Another critical aspect of testing is evaluating the results of localization within the market. This is why we provide reporting options that allow companies to see where their content performs well, helping them to make wiser decisions regarding expansion.
Computer screen icon representing layout for language translation services
Often, translators work off of standalone strings of text. While that allows them to focus on the task at hand, it limits their ability to understand how the text will display. Our preview abilities help to simplify the task and provide linguists with needed context.
Multimedia icon for language translation services
Not all language translation services can handle mediums outside of text. Video, audio, and subtitles are all essential parts of localization that can't be overlooked. Bureau Works is able to handle content in all its various forms.

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Bureau Works offers an optimal solution to language translation services. Our powerful platform enables our clients and linguists to work collaboratively, while our customizable service levels meet every budget or project size. Our all-encompassing approach to translation helps our clients achieve their goals and gain a considerable ROI.

Bureau Works supports its language translation services with a localization management platform that streamlines the entire process. Contact our team to learn more.

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