News From the Robots - Orson Welles Edition

Update #1: I will stop enumerating these updates. It’s hard to keep track, and it also adds nothing to the content.

Update #2: I have a theory about movies, about cinema in general. As you might have noticed by now, I love movies, from romcoms to dystopian worlds. So my hypothesis is that movies exist to soften us to our world around us or the future ahead of us. Dystopian movies especially will prepare us to the absurdity of real life in some forward versions of ourselves. Moreover, if I hadn’t taken my medicine today, I would add an alternative hypothesis that movies are created by time travelers, people who came from the future to prepare us for what’s to come. But I did take my meds. And I know that you can only travel TO the future, not back in time. Duh.

#1 Connectors

We are developing more connectors to ease your content faster and more efficiently in and out of Bureau Works. New connectors to be released in September:

And the pipeline goes:

And please, don’t forget we also offer connectors for:

#2 Other Updates

#3 Bottom of the news

This is huge for us, even though you can’t really see it. We have started migrating our infrastructure to Kubernetes, and we’ve got a few workspaces on it already - and you didn’t even noticed it. First we started splitting/extracting some services to avoid disruptions, as told in previous updates, and then we managed to put it all under a managed cluster. This change will allow our team to manage and deploy solutions quicker, since developers can focus on code and standalone applications (Microservices), while we ensure that the infrastructure is there to support and securely provide access to each Client’s workspace.

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Written by Henrique Cabral

Henrique is a partner at Bureau Works as well as the CTO. He also speaks code and loves racing cars.