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Marketing translation services aren’t just about putting the right words on the page. The adaptations must be true to your brand in a way that really engages a new market audience. Some companies promise more than they can deliver. Even with market knowledge, it also takes sharp technical know-how to develop a robust and sustainable translation and localization ecosystem.

Automation and integration are vital parts of any marketing translation project. Automation not only streamlines workflows but also eliminates the need to keep translating repeat terms again and again. Integrations allow for end-to-end localization for fast and efficient delivery of translation updates so your markets aren’t kept waiting. Bureau Works offers both the technical know-how and in-country experience you need to reach consumers with a marketing message that really resonates.

The Three Pillars of Marketing Translation

To stay true to brand, marketing translation must be built upon three pillars of excellence. The content must be relevant, contextually accurate, and convey the right tone to really engage a new market.

A brand’s core values or product benefits may not translate as well to a new audience without some basic adjustments. Thoughtful localization ensures that a marketing message remains relevant as it’s exposed to new consumers.
The ability to keep a message sensitive to the culture is an essential part of translation. A jokey, pithy message, for example, may not come across well in a new market. An informed linguist is prepared to recognize important tonal revisions and make them happen.
Context is a key part of translation, in that the translator must understand not just the words, but also the wider message your company is trying to convey. Translation without context often comes across as mechanical or nonsensical and is less likely to capture the market.

Often, individuals combine those three terms together under a new translation umbrella. That term is “transcreation.” However, it’s a fuzzy word that is often misunderstood and misleading.

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What Exactly Is Transcreation?

The phrase transcreation is thrown around so much—it’s essentially lost touch with its original meaning. At the most basic level, it’s a contextually appropriate rendering of the English source. The term is fuzzy because the basis for its use is equally so. Essentially, it acted as a way for translation companies to charge more for services—but that doesn’t mean those services are better suited to your goals.

In reality, all high-stakes translation should be contextual—as opposed to word-for-word machine translation. Great translation services like BWX equip their translators to embrace the critical context as they approach the content. And these great services should be transparently priced, not marked up based on black-box options that take advantage of you and your budget.

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The Bureau Works Approach to Marketing Translation Services

Bureau Works views every single project as “transcreation.” Our sole focus is on ensuring that your content is translated in a way that’s true to your brand while also reaching the new customers you want to connect with. We accomplish this with three vital campaign components.

For marketing content, translators must know your brand well
Brand Enthusiasts
A key part of adapting your brand message accurately is working with someone who already understands it. We seek out brand enthusiasts who are familiar with the brand and the industry. They can provide expert opinions and recognize when more insight and collaboration is needed. As they already understand the brand and enjoy it, they’re much more likely to go the extra mile to translate content in a way that speaks to other potential fans.
In-country collaboration is instrumental for high-quality marketing translation services
In-Country Collaboration
Collaboration with writers can be a very personal process. This is why we allow the in-country review unit to custom-make their translation team based on who they enjoy working with the most. This establishes a common goal and eliminates the risk of interpersonal conflicts that delay projects. It’s a means of empowering the in-country team with leadership in all parts of the process.
Bureau Works will take your marketing translation to the next level
Technical Tools
We offer a robust platform that streamlines translation with direct, transparent communication. You can clearly see where everything is in the process. In addition, we allow your feedback to guide future translation projects. If the in-country review team evaluates a document and makes changes to enhance the content, those changes are immediately integrated into your translation memory, ensuring that those revisions carry forward into future projects and that no one has to waste time translating repeat strings over again. All of our tools undergo continuous improvement so they continue to be intuitive and responsive to your brand.

By working with us, you can take your marketing translation to the next level. Our translators will be well-versed in your brand, your values, and your goals so they can adapt your marketing material in a meaningful way for local markets. Meanwhile, our powerful platform and tools will help you streamline your translation to quickly roll out marketing updates around the world. You’ve already put a lot of money and dedication into your marketing assets. Make the most of those efforts by leveraging a translation platform that goes the extra mile for you.

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