Software Translation Services for Websites, Applications & Games

Translation Services for Websites, Applications & Games

Software translation services don’t stop at the user experience; there’s a whole content ecosystem to consider. Whether you’re updating documents, managing customer service, or adapting mobile add ons, you’re going to need the support of a strong translation agency and an equally powerful localization management platform.

At Bureau Works, we support the total content ecosystem through powerful technology and access to industry-leading linguists in a nearly endless list of languages. We can even offer ongoing assistance through all your updates with a hybrid continuous localization approach that makes the process seamless.

Supporting a Content Ecosystem With Software Translation Services

No software comes as a standalone product. You’ll have to update many of your accompanying materials. A few factors to consider include:

User interfaces
Most software providers today offer a download option through their website portal. Foreign language users shouldn't have to hunt down their language's version. We help manage this and preserve your website's SEO strategy.
The user interface will determine the level of satisfaction with your product. Making it easy to navigate in your user's language will boost their appreciation of the product. It also cuts down on customer service requests.
Manuals are the first stop for most users who have questions about downloading or using your software. Supporting all users requires providing these accompanying materials in any language as a standard (not a special) request.
Mobile apps
Customer support
The best software companies recognize people spend more time on mobile devices than on desktops. Updating mobile apps with the right language preferences ensures users can enjoy the software at-home and on-the-go.
Chatbots and service agents alike need scripts to help guide customers through common problems. Loading those in the right language requires expert translation that fosters a human connection.
The items the consumer never sees, like the code itself and the databases that run your software, will require updating as well. This is tricky as you must preserve the code while matching language variables.

Software localization requires the preservation of the technical aspects of a program while recreating it for a new market. At Bureau Works, we specialize in walking this tricky line.

Using Continuous Localization to Support Software Internationalization

You need to remember with software localization services that it’s not a one-off job. You’ll have updates, patches, and add-ons to consider. Every time your source changes, your subsequent language versions must update.

At Bureau Works, we take a structured continuous localization approach. Whenever you change your software—or its ecosystem—we can automatically establish a job that will ensure the proper language updates. And we can even push these changes live for you. Aside from that, there are some standard services that all our clients enjoy.

The Benefits of Bureau Works Software Translation Services

While we highly recommend continuous software localization services for clients, you don’t have to sign on for the full program to access our wide range of features, including:

  • A custom profile: We start all clients up with a customized profile for their company using corporate lexicons, branded language, and glossaries. All of this powers a translation memory that improves with every subsequent job.
  • API or CLI options: Whether you prefer to work off an application programming interface or a more flexible command-line interface, we provide access to both. These flexible tools help you schedule projects and manage jobs as you see fit.
  • A collaborative platform: A lot of time is wasted chasing down documents and jobs. We eliminate this by providing a collaborative platform to connect directly with translators and monitor projects in real-time.
  • Top-notch linguists: Our detailed vetting process ensures we only work with the best linguists available. We also offer competitive pay and industry-leading tools, which fosters linguist-loyalty to our platform.
  • Transparent billing: Localization costs can quickly get out of hand, especially on large projects. We help you eliminate scope creep and rising costs by providing transparent billing at the start of every project.
  • Extensive integrations: Our program is designed to work with a wide range of content management systems, billing programs, and business management tools. Some of our supported integrations include GitHub, Drupal, WordPress, Zendesk, Marketo, and more.
  • Detailed reporting: Make better business decisions built on actionable metrics and empirical evidence. You can break your results down to granular levels to see where the highest demand lies through our reporting options.
  • Security: Many translation services rely on email for sending documents back and forth, but this can create security risks. We use an end-to-end platform and encrypt documents to block threats from your proprietary information.

Bureau Works is a complete solution when you’re in the market for software translation services. We’re one of the few firms capable of handling the technical details and the linguistics of your content. Whether you need continuous services or a simple one-off job, we have a program that works for you.

Get better software translation services through Bureau Works. Our robust platform and industry-leading linguists can adapt your content to any market.Contact our team to learn more.

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